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Renewable Electricity Sector Country Assessment: Ireland
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Country report (Ireland)

This report gives a comprehensive overview and analysis of the renewable electricity sector in Ireland. The analysis is provided across six primary indices used to categorise opportunity and risk.

For further explanation about the indices, see Our Process.

Renewable Electricity Incentives in the OECD, China and India 2011/2012: Investment and Operating Support Programmes (price: £350 + VAT)

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sample chapter (Belgium)


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Key features of this report:

  • Quick and easy comparisons of the latest solar and wind power incentives.
  • An authoritative source for 33 major countries including China and India.
  • Key market statistics describing the climate for renewable electricity investment.

  Current Reports:

European Solar Power Sector Analysis: Vertical Integration and Progress towards Grid Parity
An analysis of 108 companies in terms of their strategies for vertical integration and financial outcomes

Obtaining consumer grid parity and improving the cost competitiveness of large solar power plants are the most ambitious industry goals in the solar PV sector. Drawing on its extensive research and consulting experience in the field of European renewable electricity, LRI has developed a model which describes and analyses these goals and demonstrates how efficiency improvement and cost reduction are driving overall progress towards both.

Through a measurement and the analysis of many factors contributing to the changes in solar PV system efficiencies, the value chain and the current state of government incentives, the relationship between numerous external and internal industry factors is clarified, and a more detailed picture is established of both the current state of the sector and its likely future.

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Originally priced at £299 now available for £150.

Geothermal Energy Development in Indonesia: An Investor’s Guide
Indonesia has the largest potential for geothermal energy in the world. Already seven geothermal plants are in operation with a total installed capacity of 7,459 MW. The on-going Second 1,000-MW Fast Track Power Development Program includes development of an additional capacity of 4,733 MW, a large part of which is open for investment by the private sector. With the enactment of the 2003 Geothermal Law and the 2007 Government Regulation on Geothermal Business, the legal and regulatory environment has been significantly enhanced.

This report provides investors a concise description of the Indonesian geothermal power sector including the development approval process and a list of projects waiting for tender.

Renewable Electricity Sector Assessment: The Philippines
This report gives a comprehensive overview and analysis of the renewable electricity sector in the Philippines. The analysis is provided across six primary indices used to categorise opportunity and risk. There are a further series of sub-indices or measures to provide a comparative value for each of the critical features of the primary indices. For further explanation about the indices, see Our Process.

This report is part of REdatabase's larger publication, The Asian Renewable Electricity Sector 2010/11: A Country Assessment of Risks and Opportunities.

REdatabase is a renewable energy communication hub

REdatabase maintains a network of clients and affiliate organisations around the world. As part of our mission, we aim to facilitate the meeting of parties looking for investment opportunities with those project developers seeking finance. Our focus is on both large and small project developers, and our network of analysts and sector specialists is able to connect or advise on the right source and type of finance for any project.

We receive and exhibit:

(1) Information on projects that require funding;
(2) Opinions and suggestions that are intended to provide clarity on a particular issue or market
(3) Presentations and papers concerning renewable energy and related issues.

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4E. Energy. Ecology. Economy. Efficiency Ukraine energy saving, renewable energ PR, IR, in Energy Efficiency, Ecology, Economy, Energy Efficiency, Renevebel Energy Feb 04, 2010
Verne Industrial Park Czech Republic PV Centrepoint PV array on Ind Building Roof May 20, 2010
Renewable energy techniques INDIA waves, principle of moments & +919994605821 wave energy, oscillating magnetic techniques, self electricity producing techniques Apr 09, 2011

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