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Renewable Electricity Sector Country Assessment: Ireland
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Country report (Ireland)

This report gives a comprehensive overview and analysis of the renewable electricity sector in Ireland. The analysis is provided across six primary indices used to categorise opportunity and risk.

For further explanation about the indices, see Our Process.

Renewable Electricity Incentives in the OECD, China and India 2011/2012: Investment and Operating Support Programmes (price: £350 + VAT)

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sample chapter (Belgium)


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Key features of this report:

  • Quick and easy comparisons of the latest solar and wind power incentives.
  • An authoritative source for 33 major countries including China and India.
  • Key market statistics describing the climate for renewable electricity investment.

  Current Reports:

Country Assessment of Renewable Electricity Sector: Portugal
This report gives a comprehensive overview and analysis of the renewable electricity sector in Portugal. The analysis is provided across six primary indices used to categorise opportunity and risk. There are a further series of sub-indices or measures to provide a comparative value for each of the critical features of the primary indices. For further explanation about the indices, see Our Process.

The Tidal and Wave Energy Industry Outlook 2013/14: UK and Global Perspectives
Estimated global potential from marine energy is huge, with unexploited tidal and wave power generation capacities up to 1TW and 80TW’s respectively. In the UK it is estimated that marine energy could be worth as much as £6 billion and generate 20,000 jobs by 2035, with some forecasts suggesting the sector could be worth a staggering £76 billion by 2050.

In this publication, London Research International (LRI) has identified specific tidal and wave energy technologies which are deemed to hold the most potential for utility scale energy production.

Company case studies detail the competitive edge of each technology, as well as revealing the size of investment each developer is seeking. The report concludes by summarizing the business, investment and technological potential for marine energy in 2013/14.

This report is an invaluable resource for developers and investors seeking to enter the Marine energy sector.

The Asia-Pacific Renewable Electricity Sector: A Country Comparison of Risks and Opportunities
The Asia-Pacific region is becoming increasingly important as a driver for world economic growth and as an investment destination. Renewable power is not yet viewed as the solution to rapidly rising energy demand by most governments in the region, however they are increasingly aware of the importance of reducing their dependence on energy imports and of participating in the international effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Renewable energy also represents a low-cost solution to the problem of rural electrification. For these reasons, countries in the region have established legal frameworks to support renewable electricity deployment — both by improving incentives on offer, and by restructuring their power sectors.

This report, similar to London Research International’s pioneering report for 20 European countries, provides a detailed analysis of the renewable electricity sector of 11 key countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Involving a spectrum of geopolitical considerations and market factors, the analysis assigns numerical scores to each country in terms of both risks and opportunities involved in investing in renewable electricity development.

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REdatabase's consulting approach is collaborative and we strive to offer our clients direct access to our team of in-house sector specialists so as best to match their needs with our output. With a diverse range of clients, from small companies to large multinational corporations, policy-makers and sector analysts, we can adapt our methodology to suit the needs of all companies and organisations.

We specialise in the following areas:

  • Policy Analysis
  • Energy Sector Analysis
  • Incentive Studies and Appraisal
  • Commercial Strategy
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Competition Analysis
  • Pricing Studies
  • Project Identification and formation
  • Project Management
  • Engineering Studies and Design

Questions we have been asked by clients, and helped address include:

  • We would like to start using more renewable electricity at our factories. Which renewable electricity technologies are best suited to our needs and which production site locations is are best suited to this renewable electricity generation?
  • How are the changes in tariff rates likely to affect our strategic decision to increase our use of renewable electricity?
  • What is the likely impact on my business of technological development in the renewable energy sector?
  • We would like to promote biomass-based power development, but the supply of material inputs is unstable. How can we address this problem?
  • What are the most effective incentives in the developing world, and how could they be applied to our country? How can we balance the cost and sustainability of these incentives?
  • What local laws or regulations could hinder our development of different renewable energy projects?
Project List

We provide a wide range of services to a diverse client base, and we have the capacity to implement projects worldwide. A sample of our most recent research and consulting assignments are listed here.

Sample Case Studies

European Companies' Experience in CDM Projects in Asia, including Support Programmes by Bilateral Financial Institutions.

Methods of Measuring CO2 Absorption by Forestry: Remote Sensors and GIS Systems.

European Solar Power Sector Analysis: Vertical Integration and Progress towards Grid Parity. - a central resource for the low carbon economy, connecting people and businesses with low carbon products and services, information, initiatives, and each other

We promote and develop renewable energy projects, focusing on solar, wind and hydro power plants in Spain.

We supply 100% green energy certified by the CNE. We are also market agents for renewable plants with CNE, OMEL and REE.

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