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Renewable Electricity Sector Country Assessment: Ireland
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Country report (Ireland)

This report gives a comprehensive overview and analysis of the renewable electricity sector in Ireland. The analysis is provided across six primary indices used to categorise opportunity and risk.

For further explanation about the indices, see Our Process.

Renewable Electricity Incentives in the OECD, China and India 2011/2012: Investment and Operating Support Programmes (price: £350 + VAT)

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Key features of this report:

  • Quick and easy comparisons of the latest solar and wind power incentives.
  • An authoritative source for 33 major countries including China and India.
  • Key market statistics describing the climate for renewable electricity investment.

  Current Reports:

Renewable Electricity Sector Assessment: Australia
Updated November 2010

This report gives a comprehensive overview and analysis of the renewable electricity sector in Australia. The analysis is provided across six primary indices used to categorise opportunity and risk. There are a further series of sub-indices or measures to provide a comparative value for each of the critical features of the primary indices. For further explanation about the indices, see Our Process.

This report is part of REdatabase's larger publication, The Asian Renewable Electricity Sector 2010/11: A Country Assessment of Risks and Opportunities.

Geothermal Energy Development in Indonesia: An Investor’s Guide
Indonesia has the largest potential for geothermal energy in the world. Already seven geothermal plants are in operation with a total installed capacity of 7,459 MW. The on-going Second 1,000-MW Fast Track Power Development Program includes development of an additional capacity of 4,733 MW, a large part of which is open for investment by the private sector. With the enactment of the 2003 Geothermal Law and the 2007 Government Regulation on Geothermal Business, the legal and regulatory environment has been significantly enhanced.

This report provides investors a concise description of the Indonesian geothermal power sector including the development approval process and a list of projects waiting for tender.

Other RE Company Publications:

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REdatabase functions as an online access portal for our network of investors, project developers and other renewable energy professionals, providing published research and bespoke consulting expertise.

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Using our own specialist opportunity and risk indices, LRI's country reports provide detailed analyses of individual renewable energy sectors, including government incentives and commitments, renewable energy markets, power grid connections and development permits.

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LRI sub-sector reports offer in-depth analyses of specific renewable energy technologies, providing key industry factors underpinning technology growth and development. Using innovative sub-sector models, these reports offer clear and concise appraisals of dynamics within each renewable energy sub-sector.

Multi-Country Reports

LRI multi-country reports cover the renewable energy sectors of entire regions or groups of countries, including detailed analyses and comparisons of individual countries covered. Using multi-measure indices tailored to each region, these reports are among the most detailed and comprehensive available.


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We supply 100% green energy certified by the CNE. We are also market agents for renewable plants with CNE, OMEL and REE.

  • "Your European renewable electricity sector report is an excellent publication!"
    Mr Dimitra Ign. Komninaki, Regional Development Fund Western Greece
  • "Your report has many figures and gives a clear idea of the opportunities for development."
    Mr Jorge González Cortés, Director, Solynova Solar
  • "I have found the publication extremely interesting and of outstanding quality."
    Dr Fulcieri Maltini, FM Consultants Associates
  • "Your report is a really important and precious source of information."
    Dr Irina Terzyiska, Chairman of Board of Directors of Eli
  • "We found your publication extremely useful, as the data provided can be used for various purposes."
    Paragon Consulting
  • "We are always very pleased with LRI's swift implementation of a project and their capacity to work globally."
    GM of a research institute affiliated with a Japanese mega bank
  • "We found the publication extremely interesting and of outstanding quality."
    GM of an Asian utility
  LRI Press Releases:
A simple wave energy conversion technology could power Britain
Sep 27, 2010

Founded in May 2008 by the inventor Mr Alvin Smith and three business partners, Dartmouth Wave Energy Ltd. has successfully tested a simple and inexpensive wave energy converter that could power the entire nation.
New London Research International Report Provides Up-to-Date Country Comparisons of Incentives for Renewable Energy Investment in the OECD, China and India
Sep 24, 2010

The new report published in August by London Research International (LRI), Renewable Energy Incentives in the OECD, China and India, 2010/11: Investment and Operating Support Programmes, provides much-needed international rankings of government incentive schemes and provides a clear outlook on the climate for renewable electricity investment.

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